Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season
Uncommon Hacks February 10-11, 2018 Chicago, IL Apply now
FAQ what is uncommon hacks? uncommon hacks is a weekend-long celebration of technology where college students from everywhere come to Chicago to make fun, random, and innovative tech-related projects with friends old and new. you’ll work in a small team to design and build a creative project from start to finish in a weekend, learning and having fun in the process. what is a hackathon? hackathons are hacking marathons where attendees are encouraged to collaborate on a project. hackers will be in a fun, supportive environment with the necessary tools provided to create excellent projects. newbies encouraged, normies aren’t. this is a safe space to create the weirdest, the quirkiest, and the most amazing projects ever.

college students from anywhere are welcome, even if you’re not a computer science major or have never been to a hackathon before!
how do i apply? you can apply ! due to space constraints, we’re unable to accept everyone, but we’re looking for students with a broad variety of interests and backgrounds who are excited about building crazy things and learning in the process. if you’ve never been to a hackathon or don’t have tons of software development experience, that won’t disadvantage you in the review process!

we’ll review the first wave of applications starting january 4th, and send out decisions mid-january. applications will close on january 20th.
when and where is uncommon hacks? february 10 - 11, 2018 at the Polsky Exchange, 1452 E 53rd St, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL, 60615. how much does it cost? NOTHING. uncommon hacks will provide wifi, meals, swag, and workspace. We anticipate being able to offer partial travel reimbursements. what exactly happens at a hackathon? we’ve written a more detailed guide about what uncommon hacks is like from a hacker’s perspective, available ! do you have other rules? yes, we follow the major league hacking . what if i have another question? email or shoot us a .
Schedule WELCOME TO UNCOMMON HACKS!! WOULD YOU LIKE INSTRUCTIONS? › yes SOMEWHERE NEARBY IS UNCOMMON HACKS, WHERE OTHERS HAVE FOUND FORTUNES IN HACKING AND BUILDING, THOUGH IT IS RUMORED THAT SOME WHO ENTER ARE NEVER COMMON AGAIN. MAGIC IS SAID TO WORK IN THE POLSKY CENTER. I WILL BE YOUR EYES AND HANDS. DIRECT ME WITH COMMANDS OF 1 OR 2 WORDS. › show schedule SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 9:00 AM - registration opens 10:00 AM – breakfast 10:30 AM – team building activity 11:30 AM – opening ceremony 12:00 PM – hacking starts 1:00 PM – lunch 2:00 PM – workshops 5:00 PM – TBA 7:00 PM – dinner 9:00 PM – surprise activity SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11 12:00 AM – midnight snack 12:30 AM – cup stacking 1:00 AM – sleeping ⛺ 2:00 AM – soylent pong 9:00 AM – breakfast 12:00 PM – hacking ends 12:00 PM – lunch 1:00 PM – presentations 3:00 PM – awards 🏅 4:00 PM – event ends